Peak Elite Gymnastics Academy in Corvallis offers an Albany ninja warrior gym for kids, which is one of our most popular programs. Inspired by the hit TV show “American Ninja Warrior,” our ninja warrior gym for kids in Albany OR features a wide variety of challenging obstacles in a secure, comfortable indoor environment. All activities are completely safe, yet challenging. They’ll not only show your child how to overcome the obstacles, but also show them how to set goals and accomplish them.


Why Choose PEGA’s Albany Ninja Warrior Gym for Kids?

PEGA Albany ninja warrior gym for kids combines the strength and agility of obstacle training and the creativity of freestyle movement. The ninja warrior gym for kids in Albany OR also promotes the coordination of gymnastics. Here’s a brief look at the programs.

Both of our Albany ninja warrior for kids programs offer incredible benefits. They teach listening skills, instill confidence, and show children how fun it can be to try new things. They’ll also learn class structure, listening skills, sportsmanship manners, and how to work through challenges.


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