Open Gym

Middle School & Up Open Gym

Discover our two hour-long session tailored for middle school ages through adults seeking independent skill development. These sessions grant you access to our facility and equipment, fostering an environment where you can focus on honing your abilities according to your personal goals.


Please note that these sessions are designed to be non-instructed and are not intended for free-form activities. While our dedicated staff members will be present, it’s important to mention that coaching and spotting will not be provided during this time. This allows you the autonomy to explore your chosen activities with a sense of self-reliance and determination.


Rest assured, our staff will be on-site to ensure a safe and organized environment. So whether you’re refining your techniques, working on personal projects, or pushing your boundaries, you’ll have the freedom to do so independently while knowing that a supportive team is there to maintain the space and offer assistance as needed.


Unleash your potential and engage in purposeful practice during these sessions. Embrace the opportunity to work autonomously, and elevate your skills in an environment that encourages self-driven growth. Open gyms will come to life with a minimum of 5 reservations, welcoming drop-ins if scheduled. These engaging two-hour sessions offer flexibility, allowing attendees the option to enjoy a full session or participate for an hour of active fun.

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