Parkour is a lifestyle

Aimed to teach overcoming obstacles by moving, running, jumping and climbing from one point to another in any environment.

Beginner 6 - 11

Intermediate 8 - 14

Advanced 11 - 17

In our Parkour classes, our primary aim is to empower children with heightened body awareness, enhanced strength, and a bolstered sense of confidence. Within these classes, youngsters are granted access to an array of gymnastics equipment, the inviting foam pit, and a dynamic ninja warrior course, all tailored to unleash their exuberant energy. Guided by the pulse of fast-paced sessions, the curriculum delves into a diverse range of activities including running, climbing, swinging, vaulting, jumping, rolling, quadrupedal movement, and other movements meticulously chosen to suit the context. Our Beginner class is tailored for ages 6-11, Intermediate caters to the more seasoned athletes aged 8-14, and our Advanced Parkour program is meticulously crafted for the highly experienced athletes between the ages of 11-17. Through this comprehensive framework, we nurture the physical prowess, self-assuredness, and sense of accomplishment that flourish within the realm of Parkour.

CLASS ENROLLMENT: PEGA runs on a 48 week calendar with an average of 4 classes per month. Class enrollment is ongoing. Once enrolled, the student’s space is held in class month-to-month until a proper drop is completed at the Front Desk. Class tuition will be prorated if joining mid-month. Academy scheduled closures are not subject to make-ups or prorating. If you receive less than 4 classes a month due to holidays then a make up token will be issued.

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