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Corvallis Children’s Activities For Kids

Peak Elite Gymnastics Academy is the perfect place for exciting, healthy Corvallis children’s activities. We’re the only competitive gymnastics club providing activities for kids in Corvallis OR. People come from all across the area to take advantage of our children’s activities in Corvallis OR, including from Albany, Lebanon, Sweet Home, Coburg and many other cities.


Corvallis Children’s Activities from Peak Elite Gymnastics Academy

Here’s a look at some of our many Corvallis activities for kids.


As you can guess by our name, gymnastics is one of our most popular Corvallis children’s activities. Your child will learn incredible skills using the trampoline, bars, vault, floor, beam and more. We have a team of skilled instructors supervising gymnastics and all of our activities for kids in Corvallis OR, making sure they are safe at all times. Gymnastics and our children’s activities in Corvallis OR promote fantastic sensory and motor skill development. We work with kids from any level to grow in their skills all while providing fun and active engagement for all.


Parkour is among the most exciting Corvallis children’s activities. Your young athlete will learn how to move over a wide variety of challenging obstacles, and be safe and have a lot of fun while doing it. No other activities for kids in Corvallis OR combine balance, endurance, problem solving and strength like parkour. We will show your child the proper techniques needed to train safely and learn amazing new skills.

Ninja Warrior

This is another exercise that can help improve balance, strength and agility. Like all of our other activities for kids in Corvallis OR, children love Ninja Warrior. It’s a combination of freestyle movement, martial arts, obstacle training and gymnastics. Also, like all Peak Elite Gymnastics Academy programs, Ninja Warrior is structured so that children can learn at their own pace.

Other Activites We Provide

Parents’ Night Out

Our children’s activities in Corvallis OR are also a great chance for parents to have some time to themselves while their children have an incredibly fun time in a safe, healthy environment. Go have an evening out while your children stay in our care, playing in group games, learning how to use gymnastics equipment, and much more. Just because we design our Corvallis activities for kids, that doesn’t mean parents can’t have some fun too!     

Birthday Parties and Camps

Peak Elite Gymnastics Academy can host your child’s birthday party. You’ll not only have access to the gym, but also our upstairs party room where you can have room for presents and cake.

Our camps give children all-day access to our facility while being led through various activities themed by the day and having some extra special and fun events at the gym -like water balloon fights, nerf wars and movies on the big screen from the foam pit -so fun!

Summer Camps

At PEGA Summer Camps, your child will spend the day learning gymnastics while bouncing, running, jumping, and climbing their way through our amazing facility.

Check out our camp options for various age groups and school break times throughout the year!

Learn more about our Corvallis children’s activities by contacting us online or calling 541-929-2772.

Peak Elite Gymnastics Academy – 6880 Southwest West Hills Road, Corvallis, OR, 97333, United States

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