Competitive Gymnastics

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Competitive Gymnastics at PEGA is designed to instill athletes with principles of discipline, diligence, sportsmanship, and teamwork. These values serve as guiding lights, enriching their lifelong journeys. PEGA team members exemplify their commitment by participating in a diverse range of competitions spanning from local to national levels within the USAG Developmental and Xcel programs.

Our specialized classes are meticulously crafted to cultivate discipline while refining fundamental skills through targeted conditioning, flexibility, and strength exercises. Anchored in the PEGA competitive team program, this foundation is pivotal to all our team pursuits. Upholding rigorous standards for both our staff and students, we ensure an immersive, secure, and gratifying experience. At PEGA, we take pride in harboring a seasoned coaching team devoted to fostering and steering your athletes towards excellence.


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Hot Shots

Hotshots is a specialized program designed for 4 and 5-year-olds showcasing exceptional listening abilities, adeptness at following instructions, and a commendable work ethic. With a dedicated focus on fostering strength and refining bodily coordination, Hotshots engages participants in skill acquisition across all four gymnastics disciplines. This comprehensive approach not only cultivates physical prowess but also lays the foundation for girls to transition confidently into pre-team gymnastics, equipped with the necessary skills and discipline.


Our Pre-Team Gymnastics program caters to young girls who possess the potential to embark on a focused journey towards competitive gymnastics. This dedicated initiative places considerable emphasis on mastering fundamentals and honing physical conditioning, creating a seamless pathway for these budding gymnasts to seamlessly transition into our Competitive gymnastics teams. These exclusive teams operate through a selective evaluation and invitation process. Geared toward athletes aged five and above, this program serves as an accelerated and preparatory training avenue, purposefully designed to equip our younger gymnasts with the skills and readiness needed to seize a multitude of competitive opportunities.


Our Developmental Program is tailored for young gymnasts who exhibit the potential to thrive in competitive gymnastics, embarking on a journey that begins at level 3 and culminates in the aspirations of level 10. Participation in these classes are strictly invitation-based, necessitating a profound commitment from both the gymnast and their family. Each athlete’s progress is unique, and our approach acknowledges this individuality. As your gymnast advances, they’ll carve their own path toward higher levels, empowered by a solid foundation that equips them with the necessary skills for success within the dynamic realm of gymnastics.

XCEL Gymnastics

The Xcel program presents an alternative avenue for competitive engagement, distinct from the conventional Developmental program. Its mission is to draw and retain a diverse array of athletes, achieved through adaptable prerequisites and a broad spectrum of skills available for athletes and coaches to incorporate into their routines. Our meticulously crafted rules and policies have fostered a team culture that cherishes individualism while nurturing collective dedication. Our Xcel team encompasses an array of levels, including Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Sapphire, offering a comprehensive and inclusive platform for growth and achievement.

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