Corvallis tumbling classes from Peak Elite Gymnastics Academy are a great introduction to the incredible sport of gymnastics. PEGA offers tumbling for toddlers in Corvallis OR in a safe, secure environment staffed by expert instructors. Our tumbling classes in Corvallis OR will help promote coordination and balance, and will be a lot of fun as well. Get in touch with us to learn more about Corvallis tumbling for toddlers from PEGA.


Are Corvallis Tumbling Classes Right for Your Child?

If your young child is already tumbling their way across the living room floor, then Corvallis tumbling classes from PEGA might be perfect. It would be a great idea to get your child involved in tumbling for toddlers in Corvallis OR so they can learn the right way to do it. Tumbling classes in Corvallis OR are designed to accommodate a wide range of skills, and they give kids a chance to blow off some steam while getting great exercise in the process.

PEGA Corvallis tumbling classes also help teach skills that will greatly benefit your child for years to come. Tumbling for toddlers in Corvallis OR will teach your child discipline, instill a greater sense of self-confidence, and will also teach resilience. Corvallis tumbling for toddlers will also show your child how to work as part of a team. All of these social skills will be huge advantages as your child grows older.

There really are no hard and fast rules regarding when a child can start gymnastics. There are many sports where a child shouldn’t start until at least the age of six, such as baseball. But when it comes to gymnastics, they can start as early as 18 months in many cases. The sport can help them develop their motor skills a lot faster than is possible through many other activities.


Contact PEGA for More Information

We would love to tell you more about PEGA’s Corvallis tumbling classes. Once you get more of an idea of what we offer, the chances are good you’ll want to enroll your child right away. Give us a call at 541-929-2772 or contact us online.

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