Is a Philomath private preschool right for your child? If you choose Peak Elite Gymnastics Academy’s PEGA Tots pre k in Philomath OR, it will be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made. Located just up the road in Corvallis, we take a different approach to private preschool in Philomath OR, focusing not only on a child’s intellectual development, but their physical development as well. Our Philomath pre k provides an environment that will stimulate the mind and strengthen the body.


What to Expect from PEGA’s Philomath Private Preschool

While PEGA doesn’t offer the only Philomath private preschool, it definitely offers the best one. PEGA’s pre k in Philomath OR will give your child an unsurpassed foundation of learning, while also providing the top gymnastics experience in the area. Children who participate in our private preschool in Philomath OR, have daily recess in our fully-equipt gymnastics facility, and once a week they learn the basics of gymnastics from our expert instructors in a formally coached class.


Your child will benefit in many ways from our Philomath private preschool, conveniently located in nearby Corvallis. They’ll not only learn social skills, such as cooperation and teamwork, they’ll also have a great time. Our pre k in Philomath OR will be the perfect foundation for not just kindergarten, but future education as well. These are just a few reasons to choose PEGA’s preschool program.


Contact PEGA

Talk to a PEGA representative for more information on our Philomath private preschool. You can use our online form to get in touch, or you can call 541-929-2772.

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